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At Sense you’ll find: account handling, a full service creative studio, planning and insights, production, staffing, measurement and research.

We put all these together to create ideas and experiences that span live events, festivals, roadshows, retailer activations, PR drivers, guerrilla stunts, social media and digital campaigns, creative sampling, trade shows, corporate events, partnerships and much more.

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EMR is Sense’s dedicated department of measurement and evaluation of experiential and non-traditional media campaigns. It’s regarded as one of the most sophisticated approaches in the market (gaining endorsement from ISBA, The Voice of British Advertisers) because it gives deeper understanding of both the financial and emotional repercussions of
campaigns - no matter what shape they take.

Jenny Evans, Warburtons:
“Sense are extremely strategic and creative, and we have been particularly delighted with their rigour around ROI and their measurement tools”.

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A class of our own

The ‘Get Real’ Workshop

Specialist training in one of the most misunderstood modern advertising disciplines – experiential. Told through a spectrum of world class case studies by leading experts to teach you how to influence in the real world.

Workshop elements:
• A holistic definition
• Building an experiential strategy
• Measurement and evaluation

Paul Jocelyn, Head of Marketing Capability, Tesco:
"The team found the course well-tailored, engaging and absolutely relevant to their business challenges"

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