Delivering a new way of lunching, to sell bread like hot cakes

The challenge

Increase penetration of Warburtons’ Thins range and yield direct return on investment, whilst simultaneously holding off the threat from emerging competitor brands in the category.

Real World Thinking

A combination of reasons made this product perfect for high-volume direct sampling; the audience was broad, the penetration was low but with the potential for high frequency ongoing purchase, and above all it's a great product. Therefore, a well-targeted, appropriate, and efficient system of mass sample distribution to real consumption destinations had the potential to deliver big rewards.

The Execution

Teams visited offices in London (full of our targeted demographic) armed with packs of product, and got them to switch to Warburtons Thins for their lunch.
Although the product has broad relevance, special attention was paid to the bullseye target consumers, who were given extra packs to share with friends, as well as coupons for future purchases.

234,000+ lunches delivered
+17% opinion that Warburtons provides a lighter lunch
19.93 packs purchased for every 1 pack sampled over 12 months
Warburtons bread office drop sampling
Warburtons bread office drop sampling
Warburtons bread office drop sampling
Warburtons bread office drop sampling
Warburtons bread office drop sampling

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