Pitching up for a Pipnic

Brand challenge

Helping Pip & Nut to become the nation’s favourite health food brand, by driving trial and awareness whilst giving people a fun, delicious, disruptive experience.

Real world thinking

People lead busy lives, at work and socially, so we created an ownable moment to help them experience the simple pleasures of life, that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, in any way – especially with a nut butter treat or two.

The Execution

Our pop-up ‘Pipnic spots’ appeared all over central London locations, offering early morning yoga, nut butter and nut milk samples (that were tailored to the time of day), mindfulness colouring and more. Anyone and everyone was invited in to enjoy a moment out of their busy lives and our delicious treats; meaning they engaged deeply with a brand they may not have heard of before, taking away a real connection and money off their next purchase.

44,000+ samples distributed
18,200+ leaflets (with £1 discount coupons) distributed
12,000 immersive Pipnic experiences

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