Wrapping up London's icons

Brand challenge

Every year the Wrap Up London campaign sets out to collect old coats from people who no longer need them, and distribute them to people who do. Unfortunately more and more find themselves on the streets every year, and so it’s a job that’s never done; new coats are always required.

But how can you get people to care? Although people in need are all around us, we can get so used to it that it becomes invisible. Our challenge then was to get Londoners to notice what’s right under their noses – to think about what it’s like to be in need when the cold sets in, and remember an old coat that’s gathering dust at the back of their closet.

Real World Thinking

Those who can’t afford to stay warm aren’t the only invisible figures on our streets. Once we’re settled into our routine it’s amazing how much we miss.
Our thinking was that if we could get people to pay attention to the other silent figures they pass every day, then the presence of those in need who are under our noses would be put into sharp relief.


Those figures? London’s statues. We toured the capital clothing these iconic landmarks in toasty red parkas with a call to action stitched into the label. Amongst those wrapped up nice and warm were the statue of refugee children at Liverpool Street and Amy Winehouse. Even if you, like millions of other Londoners, had passed these statues on auto-pilot almost every day of your life, you couldn’t help but do a double take after this.

The message of our activity was so clear it needed no explaining. The only thing left to say was when and where to leave coats. The activity was supported heavily by earned media in titles such as Metro, HuffPost, The Independent, and TimeOut, as well as interviews on radio stations such as Heart and LBC.

+50% donations at tube stations, compared to year before
2.5mn social media impressions
Gold Winner IPM Awards

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