Tackling tube faux pas to refresh thinking and commuters

The Challenge

Generate social buzz around Fill&Go, Brita’s new portable water filter bottle, softening their 'clinical' brand image and providing a national uplift in sales.

Real World Thinking

We needed to get involved in an existing social conversation in a credible way. So, we found an exciting territory, untapped by brands: 'travel faux pas' – from standing on the wrong side of the escalator, to awkward eye contact, and even passing out from dehydration (which was voted one of the biggest shames). This meant Fill&Go had the authority to talk about many of these public transport errors, and lead the charge against them with smart travel preparation.

The Execution

Travel Smart was our answer, a mock 'public service' campaign warning against the dangers of the travel faux pas.
It was led by 'travel Tsar' Russell Kane through a combination of PR, outdoor, social, and events, each providing commuters with handy tips on how to avoid a #TFaiL.

The Results
66 million+ total campaign reach
+12% ‘a brand that is relevant to me’
+29.4% sales over 6 months post
brita fill and go travel smart
brita fill and go travel smart
brita fill and go travel smart
brita fill and go travel smart
brita fill and go travel smart
brita fill and go travel smart

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