Weaponising lollipops

Brand challenge

How could we pitch Chupa-Chups at 17-18 year olds through Facebook?


To get traction with an audience in social it's essential to talk about your product the way they already see it. We thought about what an adult looks like when they suck on a lollipop. The answer? Straight disrespectful. A Chupa-Chup in a job interview or at a funeral isn't going down well. The audience recognises this through its ironic use of Chupas, so all we needed to do was encourage them to take things to the next level...


We created a social platform designed to go cross channel called #DontGiveAChup, designed to celebrate and encourage a bit of disrespect and not taking things seriously, both with Chupa-Chups and without. This allowed for a varied, humorous, and relevant social conversation with a touch of edge.