Tackling the dreaded tube faux pas

Brand challenge

BRITA were looking to generate social buzz around their new portable water filter bottle, Fill&Go, softening their 'clinical' brand image and providing a national uplift in sales.


To generate social buzz it helps to get involved in an existing conversation in a credible way. One exciting territory, untapped by brands, was the concept of the 'travel faux pas'; the little things that people do on public transport networks that drive us crazy, from standing on the wrong side of the escalator to awkward eye contact. The Fill&Go tackles multiple faux pas at once, giving it permission to lead the charge against them...


We created a mock 'public service' campaign warning against the dangers of the travel faux pas, Travel Smart. It was led by 'travel Tsar' Russell Kane through a combination of PR, outdoor, social, and events, each providing you with handy tips on how to avoid a #TFaiL.