Turning a festival activation up to 11

The Challenge

Generate a buzz around the re-launch of the franchise, after a 5 year hiatus, with Guitar Hero Live – the first version where you as the player take centre stage.

Real World Thinking

The standard industry model of just letting the game content do the heavy lifting, while passers-by get a view of the backs of lots of heads, wasn’t good enough. We wanted to stay true to the core principles of the game and give festival-goers an amplified experience of what it’s like to be a ‘real’ rock star.

The Execution

Say hello to The Amp – a 9m long, 6m high festival icon which housed a highly immersive and theatrical experience that allowed festival goers to unlock their inner rock God.
Inside was a recording studio, A&R staff, and even a green room to relax in after their performance - the full rider of superstar needs. And those who wanted to play the game their own way, without the big show, could jam backstage just like they would at home.

The Results
11,000+ demonstrations
33 million+ media reach
5.3 million+ social media reach



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